Air Pistols

In a very short time Pardini has managed to produce a complete range of air pistols: the first model (“P10”, 1982) was followed, a couple of years later, by the “K58” that had the same pre-compressed operating system but was longer. This allowed the development of the cocking lever under the gun, making it easier to use.
At the end of the 80s, when the “K58” was born, the compressed air pressure system started to show its limits for competitive target shooting and the Pardini “K60” was developed, powered by CO2 and was one of the best sellers during the 90s in Italian shooting-ranges. The “K90”, a shorter and lighter model, allowed everybody to shoot, including young people and ladies, without having to face certain “traumas” like the excessive weight or reloading difficulties, typical of the old air pistols.
The “K60” only lacked that “something extra”; the enterprising decision was taken to re-design the pistol based on years of often victorious competitive shooting experience . This is how the Pardini “K2” was born and it was completely new compared to its predecessor.
It was produced just as Roberto Di Donna won the gold medal at the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996.
The “K2” was originally designed with a CO² supply system, continuing the path undertaken with the “K60”. Since 1998, in-line with current trends, the “K2S” was developed into an compressed air version.
With this pistol the French marksman Frank Dumoulin won the gold medal in Sydney 2000 and the Bulgarian Maria Grozdeva won the bronze medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004.
Since 2008 the production of the “K10” and “K10 Junior” has been improved with many new technical features: grip, trigger with five adjustment options, an air cylinder with a new side vision manometer, perforated barrel, a new compressed air supply valve and a compensator.

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