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Pardini USA LLC
Store Location:                                               Mailing Address:
7811 North Dale Mabry Hwy                           Pardini USA LLC 
Tampa, FL 33614                                            PO Box 16001
Tampa, FL 33687-6001

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telephone: +1.813.983.9839                                    fax: +1.813.899.1100

Opening the store in Tampa
Opening the store in Tampa our guest Maria Grozdeva (two times Olympic Champion) and Emil Milev - silver medalist from the Atlanta Games and partner in Pardini USA LLC.

Opening the store in Tampa our guest Maria Grozdeva (two times Olympic Champion) and Vladimir Chichkov - partner in Pardini USA LLC.

Emil Milev and Maria Grozdeva giving shooting lessons at the store range in Tampa.

Giampiero Pardini PDF Print E-mail

Giampiero Pardini, knight of the Italian Republic and CONI Star of merit, has been one of the most prominent marksman in Italian target-shooting. He was born in 1941 in Camaiore, Tuscany, and he first “met” a gun by chance in 1970.

One of his friends had bought a gun and invited him to go to the shooting-range in Pietrasanta to test it: he fired five shots, and that was all. After three months Pardini fired fifty shoots consecutively: “staying in the black” didn’t seem to be too difficult and so started his brilliant career as a marksman.

He challenged himself in all the handgun shooting events, but the Free Pistol turned out to be his favorite.

His previously dormant passion for mechanics came out in Pardini-the marksman: the logical consequence was, at the beginning, to modify a Free Pistol followed by the creation of a new trigger mechanism. Finally the creation of a completely new and original pistol, with which Pardini obtained a series of record scores.

The PGP 75 (the name of his first pistol) immediately attracted the attention of shooters in the event: he started receiving a lot of requests from marksmen, who, importantly, were able to improve their scores easily with the new pistol. This all persuaded Pardini, at the beginning of the 1980’s, to retire from competitive shooting and completely dedicate himself to the work of gunmaker.

Pardini can rightfully be proud of the fact that his company produces all the parts for his pistols. In the seaside resort in Lido di Camaiore where Pardini firearms has its headquarters we can find various workshops using computerized numerical control machinery: the bluing baths and the chromium-plating and their thermal treatment of components are also carried out at the headquarters.

The barrels are Pardini’s latest “success”: due to the fact that there was no specific equipment on the market for this type of work. Pardini built and modified equipment that is now able to produce all calibers of barrels that are considered at the top-end of the market for their precision and quality.

Pardini’s equipment allows them to build a progressively narrowed barrel, from the start of the rifling to the muzzle of the barrel, without “steps” thereby improving precision and a reduction in recoil. In a short time, Pardini has been able to produce a complete range of pistols for competition shooting. It is also important to state that all these pistols have allowed their numerous owners to reach an infinite number of wining results.

The history of Pardini Firearms is relatively short compared to other famous companies; the facts, as we have seen, demonstrate however that the life of Pardini Firearms has been very intense and particularly successful. The “recipe” of this success has many “ingredients”.

First of all, its specialization has shown itself to be a very profitable company policy, because it has allowed Pardini to concentrate all its resources, human and economic, in one field – that of competition pistols- up to the highest levels of competitiveness. Secondly the size of Pardini Firearms, a small industrial company, has given that productive flexibility that in a continually evolving sector is important for the constant innovation of its products.

Another aspect that needs to be considered in a sector dedicated to competition is the after sales service: both marksman and the ordinary pistol shooters know that they can always count on assistance from the producer. Without Giampiero Pardini and his team’s passion for shooting, we would not have seen the birth and the growth of Pardini Firearms: all firearms are simply pieces of iron, but these also have a soul.

Paolo Tagini

(journalist, vice-director Armi Magazine)

Emil Milev PDF Print E-mail

Born 1968 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Married, with two children. Currently living in Tampa, Florida.

Began shooting in 1983 with air pistol. First competition was in 1984, quickly followed by invitation from the National team of Bulgaria and first international competition in rapid fire in 1986. After 1988 Emil became a leader in this event on national level and after his Silver medal from the World Championship in Milan 1994 he became one of the top rapid fire shooters in the world. Participant in 4 Olympic Games – Barcelona’92, Atlanta’96, Sydney’00, Athens’04, Emil won silver medal in Atlanta’96 in rapid fire pistol and finished fourth in Sydney’2000.

After more than 60 World Cups and 12 World cup finals, Emil scored three medals in World Cup Final, 13 medals from World cups, five of them gold. In the list of medals are two silver and one bronze medal won in European Championships.

After moving to United States in 2005, Emil continued practicing rapid fire with his coach Vladimir Chichkov and won the WC in Ft. Benning, GA with a new world record. Since 2010 Emil competes for the team of the USA. In his first participation in World Championship in Munich, Germany in 2010 with his new team, he returned with Team Bronze medal. Emil finished second and won Silver medal on Championship of the Americas in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 for the US Team.

Emil turned his almost two decades close relation with Pardini Armi Srl. and his passion for shooting sport into profession and became partner in Pardini USA LLC

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Pardini Armi Srl
via Italica 154/a
55041 Lido Di Camaiore (LU) ITALIA

Tel. +39 0584 90121
Fax +39 0584 90122

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Vladimir Chichkov PDF Print E-mail

Who am I? My name is Vladimir Chichkov and I am one of the few lucky ones who enjoy having their hobby as a profession. My life runs in a triangle, family, sport shooting and antiquities. 

I was born in 1960 in Bulgaria. In 1996, my family and I moved to the United States and we have lived in Tampa ever since. We are a family of 4 and have 2 dogs.  Rose, my wife, is a Neurologist who helps me understand the anatomical  and neurological secrets of the relation human - sport shooting. Tatiana, our daughter, has a Masters degree in psychology from Boston University, and is now pursuing a PhD degree at LSU. Her input in the specifics of the Sport Psychology is always greatly appreciated. Our son, Alexander, is  a Junior in IB program at King High School in Tampa. He is a pistol shooter and holds national records in Rapid Fire and Sport pistol for his age group.  We have two dogs, a Dalmatian – Jessie, and a Chihuahua – Pedro. The dogs have no interest in shooting or antiquities. 

As a child, my dreams were always about underwater exploration, lost treasures, and guns.

The first two naturally evolved with my graduation with a Major in History and Minor in Archaeology and Underwater Archaeology in 1985. In the following years, I participated in many expeditions with teams from museums and Institutes affiliated with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.  My passion for history further became materialized in a business for restoration, identification, appraisal of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins and antiquities that I started in 1999.

After years of playing with wooden guns, in 1975 I finally was old enough to become a member of a shooting club and enter the world of Competitive Shooting. The next 35 years brought many happy moments. I was a competitor, President of a University Sport Shooting Club, part time coach, coach in the Specialized Sport High School (a place for developing future champions), Gun Store owner, coach for the Bulgarian Sport Shooting Federation and now Assistant National Pistol Coach for the USA.

Thirty five years went by bringing great memories, lots of guns, powder smell, and many friendships. One of my greatest connections is the one with the folks from Pardini Armi. It started with the superior quality of the Pardini pistols, the company exceptional support and service, and later grew up into a friendship. That is why when the opportunity arose, it was easy to transform this more than a decade old relation into a business partnership.  As a result, in 2009, Pardini USA LLC was born.

In the future, I hope to continue enjoying having my hobby as my profession. I would like to bring my great experience in working with Pardini to you by providing not only superior products, but also outstanding customer service and technical support. Sport shooting is our hobby and as such, it should bring us joy and pleasure. In Pardini, our company,  we work hard to make this happen.

Staff Sgt. John C. Ennis PDF Print E-mail

John Ennis is a regional director in Pardini USA LLC for Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina. He spends a lot of time in research and development especially for the GT 45 and GT 9 series and ammunition loading. Currently John is deployed in Afghanistan.  We thank him for his service and our prayers and best wishes are with him.

Staff Sgt. John C. Ennis, is an International and Service pistol shooter with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, Fort Benning, Ga.. John is a native of Simi Valley, California. He graduated from Simi Valley High School in 1994 and joined the U.S. Marine Corps. John served as a team leader, a combat instructor at the Basic School for new officers, and as a shooter with the Marine Corps Pistol Team at Quantico, Va.  Ennis was assigned to the G-3 Section of the III Marines Expeditionary Force Command Element in Okinawa, Japan, before transferring to the U.S. Army in November 2002.  He joined the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit International Pistol Team Dec. 12, 2002.  SSG Ennis is currently a Team Leader, Shooter/Instructor on the Service Pistol Team. John lives in Fortson, Ga with his wife Cristylin, son Elijah, and daughter Isabelle.

For his service John was awarded many times and here is the short list:
Army Commendation Medals
two Army Achievement Medals
 three Sea Service Deployment Ribbons
 two Marine Good Conduct Medals
 three Army Good Conduct Medals
 three National Defense Service Medals
 Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
 two Noncommissioned Officers Professional Development Ribbons
 Distinguished Rifleman Badge
 Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge
Distinguished Revolver Badge
 President’s Hundred Tab
 Gold and Bronze Lauchheimer Badges
 Walsh Pistol Trophy Badge.

John started competing  in 1996. The following are some highlights over the course of his shooting career:

Coming Though the Rye National Team Champions
45 Caliber Colt Trophy National Team Champions
Gold Cup National Trophy Team Champions
Center Fire Pistol National Champion
Inter Service Pistol Championships Service Pistol Team Champions

USA Shooting Center Fire Pistol Silver Medalist
Bronze Medal Standard Pistol Liberation Match Czech Republic
Gold Team Medal Center Fire Pistol Liberation Match Czech Republic
Gold Cup National Team Trophy
Broke Presidents Hundred National Trophy Record 389 with 391 - 20X resulting in 2nd Place

USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol Silver Medalist
USA Shooting Center Fire Pistol Silver Medalist
USA Shooting Standard Fire Pistol Bronze Medalist
US Challenge Team Trophy
"Best Nation" CISM Championships in Boden, Sweden

Center Fire Pistol National Champion
Standard Pistol National Championships Silver Medalist
USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol National Champion
Gold Medal Center Fire Pistol Hanover, Germany
Silver Medal Rapid Fire Pistol Hanover, Germany
Silver Medal Standard Pistol Liberation Match Czech Republic

USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol National Champion
USA Shooting Free Pistol National Championships Bronze Medal

NRA Center Fire National Champion
Colonel Gillard H. Clarke Memorial Trophy
USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol Bronze Medalist
USA Shooting Center Fire Pistol Silver Medalist

Free Pistol National Champion
Air Pistol National Champion
NRA Center Fire Pistol National Champion
Interservice Center Fire National Champion
Standard Pistol Champion