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2018 . 03 . 20
Shooting Academy
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Welcome to Shooting Academy Pardini USA!

Shooting Academy Pardini USA is an elite group of shooters in the United States.  It is made up of some of the best shooters and is a premier club that features one of the best coaches in the business: Vladimir Chichkov.

Vladimir has been shooting since 1975 and has coached since 1981.  Vladimir has helped shooters like: Emil Milev, Keith Sanderson, Tanyu Kiriakov, and many more.

The purpose of this section of the website is to introduce a new option available to all users who are interested in having a coach to guide you along your shooting career.  There are many different options to choose from in regards to the type of coaching, as well as the depth of the coaching.

Anyone that is interested in coaching will have to go to the Apply for Coaching tab and send an email using the form.