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SPBE/HP New Conversion Kit Cal. 32 ACP 5" Barrel


  • Model:CONV 32 ACP5
Complete set CONVERSION KIT in cal.32 ACP, including slide, 5 Inch barrel, recoil spring, recoil spring guide, and two magazines.

Convert your SP Bullseye Edition .22 LR to .32 ACP for the Center Fire stage of the NRA Bullseye event. Great functionality and accuracy. You will shoot both .22 and .32 matches with the same grip, the same trigger, and the same scope!
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Pardini SP Bullseye 5" Barrel, Cal.22LR
Pardini SP Bullseye 5" Barrel, Cal.22LR

I purchased the Pardini SP Bullseye primarily for indoor .22...