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K12J Pardini Air Pistol Short Red, Cal.177 (4.5mm)


  • Model:K12JR
Caliber: 4,5 mm (.177)

Height: 140 mm

Width: 49 mm

Overal length: 380 mm

Total weight: 910 g

Barrel length: 205 mm

Barrel rifling: 12D x 450 mm

Sight radius: FROM 310 TO 350

Adjustment click: 1,8 mm


New for 2017 - Barrel sleeve (35 grams) with four weights (5 grams each). You are looking at the pistol with red sleeve. There is a choice of Red, Blue, Silver, and Black sleeve. Five new colors on the cylinder - Silver, Black, Blue, Red, White. Please, specify the cylinder colors upon ordering.

Introduced in 2012, single shot pistol 4.5mm (.177) caliber compressed air. Detachable air cylinder up to 250 bars. Precise and reliable pressure gauge for immediate and completely safe reading of the air pressure in the cylinder. Innovative shot recoil elimination system, located in the bolt (PARDINI patented). New two stage trigger mechanism, completely adjustable, with easyily accessible switch for dry fire.

Fully adjustable rear sight with adjustable width of the notch, and adjustable sight radius.

Wide choice of interchangeable front sights. Anatomical walnut grip, available in XS, S, M, and L for right hand and M and L for let hand shooters. Option of factory custom grips.

Compensated barrel manufactured entirely by Pardini in special steel and blued individually. The combination of extremely high quality control, both in the construction and assembly phases, numerous exclusive solutions used give this pistol exceptional consistency, absolute precision and excellent stability during the execution of the shot.

The pistol comes with its carrying case, optional spare cylinder included, fill and release adapters, tool kit, and information booklet.

What our customers say...

I really like the look of the gun with the new shroud. With the various color combinations you can make a very attractive pistol. I bought the short model as I had shoulder surgery and I am not as strong as I was.Alex suggested I may want to consider the short model as it was a little bit lighter. The pistol has the same quality Pardini is known for. The trigger is an excellent 2 stage with very fine adjustments. The sights have a lot of adjustability. The grips are comfortable with adjustable palm rests. The balance of the gun seems very good and it comes with 4 weights. The dry fire capability is a nice feature when you want to practice trigger control and sight picture. I am very happy with it and look forward to do a lot of shooting.

Rated by Dave Tanner

After purchasing my SP New, I wanted an air pistol with similar grip angle and figured that the K12 would fit the bill. After several phone calls to Alex and Karen and then meeting Vlad, Alex and John(Pardini CDN) at Shot Show and having a chance to play with the K12; I took the plunge and ordered one. Alex recommended a large grip as the medium was slightly tight. Bottom line, once Again Pardini USA optimized the term customer service and proved how much they care about customer satisfaction.. I will be back for my son's air rifle! If the pic I tried to include is any indication of future scores, I am indeed very happy!

Rated by James Fabanich
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