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Pardini SP Bullseye 6" with gas compensator


  • Model:SPBE6C
Pardini SP Bullseye Edition, Cal.22 LR, 6 inch barrel with gas compensator, designed for extreme accuracy and recoil absorption. Semiautomatic pistol with 5 shots magazine. Optional second magazine included. Fully adjustable trigger. Six removable steel weights with springs in the front of the gun act like active recoil absorber and allow adjusting the balance to personal preferences! For the demanding shooter!

BULLSEYE FEATURES: 6" barrel. Integrated gas compensator to reduce recoil. Picatinny rail on the barrel shroud. Special bolt design ensures delayed blowback operation and delivers an exceptional accuracy. Dovetail cuts support direct mount of scope rings to the frame. Pistol can be converted to .32 ACP or .32 S&W with additional conversion kit (not included) in less than a minute, using only one screw! You can shoot with the same trigger, the same grip, and the same scope both .22 and .32 competitions!
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