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Pardini GT 45, 6 inch, Cal. 45 ACP, Black, NRA, IPSC


  • Model:GT456B
Semiautomatic pistol in Cal. 45 ACP. 6 inch match grade barrel. Black finish. Fully adjustable trigger and adjustable rear sight. Comes with optional second magazine, extra recoil spring, tool bag, instruction manual and hard protective case with Pardini logo.

What our customers say...

I bought my Pardini GT to shoot Bullseye and to otherwise to enjoy shooting a fine 45 ACP. I am a longtime fan of refined 1911-style pistols in 45 ACP. The first accurate 1911 pistol I ever shot was a Colt series 70 Gold Cup and my subsequent experience has been with a pistol made by Rock River. The Pardini GT 45, however, is in a completely different class of centerfire pistols, more like a Sig P210 in its modular design and tool-less disassembly. The massive slide and large barrel glides inside the frame, as with other European pistols such as CZ. The basis of the pistols incredible accuracy is its wonderful 2-stage trigger, which makes the required Bullseye trigger pull weight (of 3.5-lbs) seem like ounces. The glass-smooth trigger has to be felt; the first word upon experiencing the trigger is “wow!” Pardini is the only manufacturer of quality target pistols (in 22 and 32 calibers) who have managed to retain the characteristics of those pistols in the larger 45 ACP. While there is an ardent following of John Browning’s timeless design among American shooters, I predict that Pardini will make significant inroads among bullseye shooters. The only thing I would like to see if for the pistol to be made in a single-stack magazine format. Noel Burkhead

Rated by Noel Burkhead

This is the best 45 ACP target pistol for the NRA bullseye events bar none. PROS: 1. Ergonomics are exceptional, especially with the optional anatomical Rink grip. 2. Adjustable trigger allows for a single stage rolling trigger setup or a two-stage setup with fine-tune control over the second stage travel and weight. The smoothness of the trigger is out of this world. 3. Very good adjustable target sights. 4. The pistol is extremely easy to field strip and clean. As a matter of fact, it is a joy to field strip and clean! 5. Available 45/40/9mm conversions allow for shooting multiple calibers out of the same frame, grips and trigger. 6. Reliable. No malfunctions in either 45 or 9mm. CONS: It would be nice to be able to adjust trigger blade position in the same manner as in it is done in SP/HP series pistols (or Sig Sauer X5 L1 for that matter). Other than that the gun is perfect!

Rated by Alex Kolesov

I am new to precision pistol shooting/bullseye, and spent a lot of time trying to decide on my first truly accurate .45acp, and am extremely pleased with this choice. I think it will be a while, if ever, before my own capabilities match those of this pistol. I can say that everything you have read about how smooth the slide is, and how incredible the trigger is true. Alex is correct that the pistol is extremely easy to field strip and a pleasure to clean. Alex, Vladimir, and all the Pardini USA staff I have had contact with have been extremely helpful with my questions, and made the whole experience of purchasing this pistol a delight.

Rated by Geoffrey Wallis

I own several high end target pistols of different makes but none can compare to my new GT9-5inch 9MM the smoothness of the slide and pull of the trigger are just unbelievable as a old Tool and Die Maker and owner of a machine shop I can attest to the craftsmanship in the manufacturing . I bought my first Pardini on Nov.15th placed the order for my SP Bulleye 6inch champion set w/32 conversion on Dec. 5th Can't believe I waited this long to own a Pardini but I plan to catch up fast

Rated by michael picciani
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