RWS R50 .22LR Ammo Box of 50


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This item is for the purchase of a box of RWS R50 .22 Long Rifle Ammunition. 50 rounds. 22LR (.22 Long Rifle Ammo)

Residents of CT, MA, NJ must provide valid Drivers License Photo and Firearms Permit.

Residents of NY and CA must have ammo shipped to FFL dealer

RWS R50 is the ammo of choice of Olympic Champion's and World Records Holders in the International Shooting Sports World. Following a specialized manufacturing process, with an unparalleled attention to precision and detail, R50 has achieved record shattering precision and reliability. Each lot is meticulously inspected and tested for a variety of critical data points to ensure consistency. With each test of every lot, further improvements and adjustments are made to propel R50 to the top of the leaderboards. As a result, changes in velocity are minimized to the point in which they are almost non-existent. R50 is perfect for the entire range of .22LR rifle and pistol disciplines

This ammo is optimized for Free Pistol, Benchrest, Small Bore 50m Rifle Prone and 3-Position, 100m Standing, 100 yards Prone, and Biathlon

Type of Firearm: Rifle or Pistol
Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
Bullet Weight: 2.60 grams
Mean Velocity: 330 m/s or 1080 fps
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