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Pardini SP Sport, Cal.22 LR, For International Sport Pistol


  • Model:SPNew
Semiautomatic pistol with 5 shots magazine. Cal.22 LR. Optional second magazine included. Fully adjustable trigger. Six removable steel weights with springs in the front of the gun act like active recoil absorber and allow adjusting the ballance to personal prefferences! High quality adjsutable anatomical grip in XS, S, M, L, as well as Left hand grip in M and L.

Great universal gun for shooters who want to shoot multiple events!

For the demanding shooter!

What our customers say...

Most would call me a new Bullseye Shooter, as I started in 2006, and I am still learning this sport. However, I have been shooting, for work, for over 23 years. After competing at Bullseye matches with a S&W Model 41 for the past six years I realized that it was holding me back. At least once per match I would encounter a failure to feed- FTF. Also, due to the high grip I took on the pistol the safety could be inadvertently engaged just before a string. It was not uncommon to lose five rounds during a match because of this. After a great deal of searching I settled on the Pardini SP-new to replace my 41’s. It was actually an easy transition. The Pardini is much less nose heavy than the 41 even with all the weights installed. It is quick to aim and very forgiving of my mistakes. I am always surprised when my errant shots, which would have fallen in the white with my 41’s, settle solidly in the black after being fired from the Pardini. I am still working toward selecting the correct loads for my pistol. I find that SK- Standard Plus and Lapua Pistol King work best, thus far. Interestingly, I must adjust the rear sight down 3 clicks for the Lapua. This step is made much easier by the fact that the sights on the Pardini are adjustable with one’s fingers. No screwdriver, or tool, needed. I am pleased with this purchase, and will consider another. In fact, I sold both of my 41’s.

Rated by Brad Moos

This isn't my first goat rodeo with the SP. I had purcased my first about 12 years back and mistakenly sold it in a very bad decision. I got my new SP1 mechanical recently and shoot it in Bullseye and sport pistol. The differences between new and old SP is quite noticeble, and world apart frommy Hamden Hi-Standaard Citation. The SP1 trigger and the adjustment by Emil have produced an almost no fail combination. It is an allesse fresser and eats all ammo, but I feed my Gina RWS Target which it digests freely. No hiccups or stoppages and quite a boon in Rapid and Timed fire stages.Color me happy and I am now on my way to a new HP to replace similar old HP also sold in a moment of clear stupidity. Bob R.

Rated by Robert Riegl

Prior to buying the Bullseye SP with 32 ACP conversion, I shot NRA Bullseye rimfire with Smith model 41, High Standard Victor, and Walther GSP: there is no comparison to the Pardini SP. Literally, every match since buying the pistol at the end of April 2014, I have shot a new personal best in rimfire and centerfire. Would I recommend buying a Pardini SP? Well, I'm planning to buy a Pardini GP45 with a 6" barrel. I love these guns. Their two-stage triggers are soft, "rolling crisp." They are the finest precision shooting instruments I have ever used.

Rated by Noel Burkhead

I am please to say I am into my 4th Pardini and have only good things to say about the precision of manufacture and the professional assistance provided by Vladimir & Emil and look forward to Camp Perry where Pardini shooters will definitely have an advantage! The SP .22 is a wonderful pistol and the GT45 in my opinion will replace the respected 1911 in the .45 category. Also, I am confident the .32 Pardini will get a lot of attention at the National Matches next month as it is an extremely accurate Center Fire Pistol. X's & 10'S....:)

Rated by Henry Brosnaham

I am not new to the Pardini family having owned a 45acp several years ago. That being said, I have just recently purchased an SP New and must say; "WOW". I have owned Mod 41s, HS, 208s and GSPs, but this newest offering from Pardini is nothing but a giant killer! The first 40rnds fired found 36 in the ten ring and 4 nines(which were on call, not the pistols fault at all). Probably the easiest pistol, to shoot that I have ever picked up! Not only has Pardini created such a world class pistol, but Pardini has entrusted it's US market to such a valuable team of PROFESSIONALS. From Karen who always answered my uneducated questions to Alex who responded to emails while participating at a World Cup event! As soon as I can afford it, I will be acquiring the 32acp conversion. Keep up the OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Rated by James Fabanich

I bought my first Pardini Air Pistol last year and since I have purchased a SP and HP pistol. I also had Vlad build both grips to make sure my sights are aligned each time I pick up the pistol. I love the customer service from Alex, Vlad and the other employees. I look forward to purchasing more in the future.

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Pardini SP Bullseye, Champion Set MD2, Cal.22LR
Pardini SP Bullseye, Champion Set MD2, Cal.22LR

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