Pardini SP Bullseye, Champion Set MD2, Cal.22LR


  • Model:SPBECS2
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Complete set of pistol and all you need to go to the range and start shooting! Includes Pardini SP Bullseye Edition with 5" barrel, 5 rounds magazine, one optional magazines for total of three, bullseye palm support on the grip, Scope UltraDot MatchDot II, and scope rings!

Pardini SP Bullseye Edition, 5" barrel, cal.22 LR, designed for the demanding Bullseye shooter! Semiautomatic pistol with 5 rounds magazine. Fully adjustable trigger. Six removable steel weights with springs in the front of the gun act like active recoil absorber and allow adjusting the balance to personal preferences! For the demanding shooter!

BULLSEYE FEATURES: 5 inch barrel with Picatinny rail integrated in the shroud. Special bolt design ensures delayed blowback operation and delivers exceptional accuracy. Dovetail cuts support direct mount of scope rings to the frame. It can be converted to .32 ACP, or .32 S&W, using only one screw and our conversion kit (not included). You can shoot with the same trigger, the same grip, and the same scope both .22 and .32 competitions!

What our customers say...

I couldn't be more pleased with my decision to purchase this package. I'm still learning/adapting to the actual pistol as a long time 3P shooter the club guys say I have potential as a bullseye shooter and this investment will grow with me.. But, the review is really about the service and personal attention the staff at Pardini USA have invested to make me comfortable with this $$$ investment. I value a personal touch point and Alex/Emil have been responsive... for a long term involvement in the sport... this is all important.. Leo, Canton, Mi.

Rated by Leo Burns

As an Intermediate (2 years) shooter in NRA Bullseye I decided it was time to move up from my Ruger to a Pardini. I chose the Champion Set and went to see Vladimer for fitting and setup of my new pistol with a Rink grip. My usual score in Rapid fire has been around 70 and I was hoping for an improvement with my new Pardini. Friday I shot the pistol for the first time and my Rapid score was 97! I am amazed and pleased with my new purchase. I can't say enough about the service at Pardini USA and the quality of this amazing pistol!!


Hello Everybody! I have owned the SP Bullseye edition that I purchased new from Pardini USA since 2013. I noticed that they have a review section now so I figured that I would add my opinion on this amazing pistol. I have owned this pistol since 2013 and every year I have purchased from two to four cases of ammunition every year. Best I can figure is that I probably have over 100,000 rounds through the pistol although that is a best guess. With that being said I have not had any malfunctions since I have owned this pistol. As a matter of fact, I have not experienced any alibi's that was not fully attributable to the ammo. The only parts I have replaced have been the recoil buffer and a magazine base plate that cracked when I dropped the magazine on the concrete floor. Now I might not be the most accomplished shooter on the line but there is nobody that enjoys shooting their handgun or gets as much satisfaction as I do. It is a pleasure to shoot, to experience the recoil or lack thereof, and everytime I loan it out to a fellow shooter they compliment me with a "Man, I gotta get me one of these". I have shot pretty much every high quality 22LR target pistol and own quite a few of them but the SP 22 NEW Bullseye is my favorite. Regards, George

Rated by george masinda
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