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Pardini SP Bullseye 5" Barrel, Cal.22LR


  • Model:SPBE5
Pardini SP Bullseye Edition, cal.22 LR, designed for the demanding Bullseye shooter! Semiautomatic pistol with 5 shots magazine. Optional second magazine included. Fully adjustable trigger. Six removable steel weights with springs in the front of the gun act like active recoil absorber and allow adjusting the balance to personal preferences! For the demanding shooter!

BULLSEYE FEATURES: 5 inch barrel. Pacatinny rail integrated in the shroud. Special bolt design ensures delayed blowback operation and delivers an exceptional accuracy. Dovetail cuts support direct mount of scope rings to the frame. It can be converted to .32 ACP or .32 S&W with additional conversion kit (not included) in less than a minute, using only one screw! You can shoot with the same trigger, the same grip, and the same scope both .22 and .32 competitions!

What our customers say...

I purchased the Pardini SP Bullseye primarily for indoor .22lr NRA Precision Pistol, but I also use it for International Standard Pistol as well (I don't have the upswept palm shelf on my gun). The pistol has proven to be incredibly accurate, and I've enjoyed the very adjustable two stage trigger, which has a crisp break. With this pistol my average score increased by at least 20 points per match, and I was able to receive the High Master classification from the NRA. I should have purchased the Pardini long before I did, as it has improved my shooting, and given me great satisfaction. If you're looking at purchasing a pistol for bullseye, standard pistol, or rapid fire, you really can't go wrong with a Pardini SP.

Rated by Fletcher White

I recently purchased the Pardini SP Bullseye with the 5” barrel. I was worried that I might not adapt to the standard Pardini grip but boy was I wrong. That grip feels like it was made for me and seems to keep my hand and wrist more stable than any other pistol/grip that I have shot before. I was able to set the position of the trigger to exactly where I wanted it to be and then adjust the two stage trigger so I could take up about half of the pull weight in the first stage then have the second stage break by applying about 1 lb more. Perfect trigger. The spring loaded weights at the front of the barrel really help keep the sights on target during strings of timed and rapid fire. This pistol is able to shoot any ammo I put into it, CCI, Wolf, Geco, Federal, Eley but I have settled on SK based mainly on consistency, accuracy and price. The Pardini is very easy and quick to disassemble and clean, too. A big plus from buying a Pardini is the folks at PardiniUSA. They have been available to talk with me anytime I have called (or called me right back) with a question… great customer service. My scores have improved quite a bit since I started shooting the Pardini. I should have bought this pistol a long time ago.

Rated by william thompson

Purchasing this firearm was extremely easy from my friends at Pardini, Ms Karen guided me thru the purchase and was extremely helpful. I want to thank the entire Pardini family for their assistance. I receive my pistol and I am very happy with the quality and finish. This pistol is one of my prized acquisitions and I hope to enjoy for a long time. Cannot wait to start competing in NRA Bullseye and other events.

Rated by Kenneth Jones

I am a relatively new owner of a Pardini SP with a 32acp conversion kit. I ‘ve run over 1,000 22lr rounds through the gun in precision pistol competition, and have yet to experience an alibi. I shoot with an Aimpoint H2 micro and at 25 yards I do not have to make any elevation adjustment when switching from 22lr to 32acp! I was thrilled with this! I started with Ruger, moved up to a High Standard Victor for years, but the Pardini SP is in a class by itself. The customer service at Pardini USA is top notch as well. Money well spent.

Rated by Jonathan Spool

It's been about two years or so since I got my SP, then I added the HP kit for 32ACP- wonderful! I ended up changing to Dick Horton 1911 angle grips for it, after 40 years of 2700's I found I just preferred that angle grip. The gun is amazing, it'll be the last BE gun(s) I buy- nothing is better- my scores are starting to come back and the 32 is finally dialed in with T&B 64G CSWC and VV N310 (1.4g) Thank you Pardini!!

Rated by Robert Bardoorian
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Pardini SP Sport, Cal.22 LR, For International Sport Pistol
Pardini SP Sport, Cal.22 LR, For International Sport Pistol

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