GPR1 Top Air Rifle


  • Model:GPR1 Top
Designed in collaboration with Niccolo Campriani, one of the best rifle shooters today. Niccolo won Gold and Silver medals in London 2012 in 50m and Air Rifle respectively.

Model: GPR1 Top

Caliber: 4.5(.177)

Weight: 5.40 Kg/11.9 Lbs

Stock: ergal

Stock length: 670/720 mm.

Barrel lenght: 435 mm.

Barrel sleeve length: 650 mm.

Barrel sleeve diameter: 200 mm.

Loading lever: invertible

Trigger: adjustable 1st – 2nd stage 5/70 - 60/100

Safety: dry firing

Air supply: 250 bar removable air-cylinder

Pardini pressure gauge on the cylinder Autonomy: 400 shots.

stock: silver

Barrel: burnished

Air cylinder: anodized

GPR1 Top air rifle is suited with top grade accessories:

Rear sight Centra SPY Short

Tunnel Centra Score M22

Butt Plate MEC Contact IV

Ergal hand-rest with internal and extrernal weights set

Set of weights for Cheek piece and Front sight holder

Top riser blocks.

What our customers say...

I have been shooting on my Pardini GPR1 Top Air Rifle for a few months now and absolutely love it. I had shot on many different brands of air rifles before but the Pardini fit me like a glove. The customization and adjustments able to be made to the rifle out of the box prevented it from limiting me compared to other rifles. Thank you for making such a great product!

Rated by Lake Yoke

After a lot of years using other rifle brand give a try to the Pardini GPR1 Top. Rifle came with all you need to perform at top level right out of the box. Fully adjustable, extremely comfortable, easy to customize if needed, lot of places to put weight if needed (includes them) and shoots as no other tested rifle on my 18 years international career, it’s incredible how can shoot one shot into the other without putting too much effort. Extremely reliable, top accessories, excellent price and over the top customer service. Best deal ever. Thanks Pardini!

Rated by Luis Mendoza
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