Reviews and Testimonials

Below, please find some reviews and testimonials from people we coach:

  • Training with Alex is great!  Every week he gives me four or five drills focused on one of my problem areas.  At the end of the week he analyzes my targets and or SCATT,  provides very helpful feedback, and another set of drills.  I’ve worked with him for a year and a half and he’s fixed my many bad habits and I’ve watched my scores become much more consistent and steadily increase, right along with my confidence in my shooting.  He always has positive feedback and insightful comments about how to overcome my problems.  Working with Alex on a weekly basis keeps me striving for better performance.  Knowing that the training I’ll be doing at the range is the right training for me is well worth the price.  Alex encouraged me to stretch and come to Camp Perry in 2019.  With advice from him and Vladimir I won Grand Senior in the 22 only Bullseye category.  –  Mike H, MA


  • About two years ago I picked up competitive shooting as a sport and hobby.  I searched to find the best coach possible.  My search led me to Alex Chichkov. I could not be more happy.  He is an excellent coach for both the basics and the high level skills.  His depth and breadth of knowledge in the shooting sport belies his age.  Alex is very accessible (probable too much so).  So if I’m at the range and need a question answered. I just pick up the phone and the issues are fixed then and there.  Not a week later at the specified call in time like some other coaches.    His coaching plan emails are detailed and very specific which definitely are beneficial. They are a great road map and I refer back to them frequently. My only regret is that I didn’t pick up competitive shooting early and start training with Alex at that time.  With Alex’s help I know that I will make it to the upper echelon in the sport. –  Anire O, TX


  • Alex works with me to develop thoughtful weekly training programs based on my performance and feedback. As a result, my training is much more purposeful and focused often includes elements that add “match pressure”. As a result, I am seeing meaningful improvements in my execution.
    Alex has also helped me to completely redo my warm-up routines and given me a lot of good feedback and tips on my position and execution. – Jeff H, MA


  • I have come to consider Alex a valued and credible resource since I began coaching sessions with him in early 2019. He has good technical knowledge of equipment and how to maintain it properly. He also provides good insight on the techniques currently used by the top shooters, based on his years of first-hand experience. Also, he is able to explain things in a clearly understandable way and gives homework that is tailored to my needs. He is patient and encouraging, and I usually leave each coaching session in an upbeat mood.
    I believe my technical foundation has become more consistent since I began the coaching sessions. My body posture, balance and grip have been improving. Vladimir recently fitted the grips for my air pistol and standard pistol, which has been helpful. Alex encourages me to abort shots as necessary, since he says that aborting shots is a skill to be cultivated. The mental aspects apparently are dominant for successful pistol shooting, and this is perhaps my biggest challenge. Alex has given me some good advice for maintaining a positive attitude and for improving my visualization skills. – John J, FL

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