The GPR1 Air Rifle is designed in collaboration with Niccolo Campriani, one of the best rifle shooters today. Niccolo won Gold and Silver medals in London 2012 in 50m and Air Rifle respectively.

Model:         GPR1
Caliber:       4.5 mm (.177)
Weight:        4.00 Kg
Stock:         Ergal
Stock length:  670/720 mm
Barrel length: 435 mm
Barrel sleeve length: 650 mm
Barrel sleeve diameter: 200 mm
Loading lever: invertible
Trigger:       adjustable 1st – 2nd stage 5/70 - 60/100
Safety:        dry firing
Air supply:    250 bar removable air-cylinder
               Pardini pressure gauge on the cylinder
Autonomy:      400 shots
stock:         silver
Barrel:        burnished
Air cylinder:  anodized

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