Eley Bullseye Pistol X and Tenex Rapid Fire Pistol

The improvement in performance is the primary goal in competitive sports.  That is why Pardini USA LLC and Eley Group Ltd. have combined their knowledge, experience, research, and resources to strive for perfection.

  The goal: To create better performing .22LR ammo specifically designed to be used in semi-automatic pistols that exceeds the needs of the athletes and meets the rules requirements for the Olympic events Rapid Fire Pistol, Women 25 m pistol and the popular US event – Bullseye. What were our objectives? 1. Smaller group size – 18-20 mm (5/8 to 7/8 inch) at 25 meters  (27 yards)  and  28-35mm (1 1/8 to 1 1/2 inch) at 50 yards (46 meters) using the Pardini SP models 2. Meeting the requirements for minimal velocity regardless of temperature, altitudes, brand and model of the firearm (ISSF has a requirement for minimum velocity of 250 m/sec  – 820 ft/sec –  at 3 m from the muzzle) 3. Quick, consistent and more manageable recoil (the more consistent the recoil, the easier it is to recover) 4. Consistency of the projectile velocity 5. Consistency of the physical dimensions 6. A geometry that will ensure proper functioning for semi-automatic weapons 7. An affordable and competitive price After 18 months of development, two new pistol cartridges were developed – Eley Bullseye X and Eley Tenex Rapid Fire. We are happy to announce that the Eley Bullseye X is already available to the USA market exclusively from Pardini USA LLC. The Eley Bullseye X ammunition is produced with special attention to detail and consistency. It can be used with great success in any semi-automatic pistol competition where precision is a must. Eley Bullseye performs really well in all configurations of the Pardini SP pistols – Standard Rim Fire, Rapid Fire, Bullseye 5 and 6 inch barrel pistols. To meet the needs of the competitors in the Olympic Rapid Fire Pistol event where the time to recover from recoil, move to the next target, aim and shoot is only 0.5-0.6 seconds the consistency of the ammunition performance is crucial.  Our goal was to create precision ammunition that will have very consistent recoil even with the short pistol barrel and the inconsistencies of blowback action.   What is new

  1. New, proprietary, specially designed, very fast powder mix – E20v1BE.
  2. New geometry of the projectile.
  3. New coating that provides better sealing, proper lubrication, and is less affected by the weather conditions and time.
  4. Tighter tolerances of the physical dimensions

How we tested and what the results are We did two types of tests. First:  we tested just barrel in a fixture with a fixed bolt that practically eliminates the variations that are the result of a blow-back action. Test distance was 25 and 50 yards, we measured:

  1. Horizontal linear movement of the fixture for consistency.
  2. Muzzle velocity (V max, V min, Average V, Velocity Spread, Standard Deviation).
  3. Velocity at 3 m from the mussel.
  4. Group Size

Second: We tested the assembled pistol in different configurations from Ransom Rest. We measured:

  1. Muzzle velocity (V max, V min, Average V, Velocity Spread, Standard Deviation).
  2. Velocity at 3 m from the mussel.
  3. Group Size

The results are shown in the tables below. We will leave the conclusions to you. Finally, we were able to negotiate and deliver a great price for the value – $729.00 per case of 5000 rounds. The only thing that is left is for you to try it and let us know the results. Eley Bullseye Pistol X is exclusively available true Pardini USA LLC and our dealers. To purchase Eley Bullseye Pistol X – click here or use the web address: https://www.pardiniguns.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=66&products_id=1952 Join the Champions! Good luck!

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