Models: K12 K12 Junior K10 K10 Junior KID


Single shot air pistol with a cylinder of 250 bar pressure, with a locking system through conic bolt/shot chamber. Cal 4,5mm, developed for the sole use of compressed air, with the air pressure regulator inside of the pistol frame. Adjustable trigger mechanism with an easily changeable Target/ Dry fire device. Anatomical walnut grip, available in different adjustable sizes with the option of customization in our competition department. Reliable, side vision manometer for checking the pressure.

Fast lock time achieved through lightening and improving the trigger parts. In combination with the perforated barrel and compensator, they give this Air Pistol consistency, precision and excellent stability during the shot.

Caliber:          4.5 mm (.177)
Height:           140 mm
Width:            49 mm
Overall length:   415 mm
Total weight:     990 g
Barrel length:    240 mm
Barrel rifling:   12D x 450 mm
Sight radius:     from 345 to 375
Adjustment click: 1 click = 1.8 mm

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