New in 2024 and Results from SHOT Show

SHOT Show and 2024!

This year was the busiest year yet at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We debuted 2 new Pardini rifles, TR20 and TR20L, and our new business/product line Nitehog and Optix. This year, representatives from Pardini Armi, Nitehog, and Optix Co were all presenting with us at the booth. In addition to our new products, we presented further military/ballistic testing applications of our Megalink products and also joined forces with Ultradot and Vanguard Outfitters to offer a wider range of products. Join us in celebration as we approach the Olympic Games in Paris, we will be cheering and supporting all Pardini and United States Shooters!


In Honor of the Olympics, we will be giving away 3 pistols in the months leading up to the games. Entry into the Giveaway is easy and automatically tracked internally. Every $10 spent earns you one entry. Prize winners will be drawn live the day after the Paris 2024 Olympics – Monday August 12, 2024 and can be viewed by anyone who wishes to attend. A video of each drawing will also be posted online.


Giveaway Pistols Include: SPNew .22 Cal Pistol, SP Rapid Fire .22 Cal Pistol, K12 Full Size or Compact Pistol.


Enter for your chance to shoot like an Olympian while watching the Games and Support Team USA


New Items

This Year we Presented a New Array of Items from Our Company
Pardini TR20 and TR20L Semi-Auto Rifles
Nitehog Thermal Products
Pardini K12 Basic and K12 KID

Find Out More Below


TR20 and TR20L

The TR20 and TR20L are our newly released rifles based on the same platform as our dominating and now really All-In-One SP and HP series of pistol. Through the use of the SP/HP platform, users will benefit from having the full range of adjustability in the trigger as they have come to love and expect with platform they love. Available with a 16” or 19.6” barrel. Optics Ready.
We will also be offering a Champion Package for any of the TR20 options which come with your choice of Nitehog, Pardini or Ultradot daytime optic and spare magazine.


                TR20starts at $1799 and is available for Pre Order now!


                TR20 Champion Set starts at $1999 and is available for Pre Order Now!


TR20 Conversions: Development of Conversion Kits are Underway and Expected to be Available during the Triple Crown Matches in Ohio, July 2024.


Nitehog USA LLC

Nitehog USA is the official importer, distributor and service center for Nitehog Europe GmbH in the United States. Nitehog is a German brand of thermal imaging and observation devices for hunting, recreation and law enforcement. Debuting the Viper 35, a 254-gram (9oz), thermal imaging clip-on with a cutting edge Flip-to-Side option perfect for fast target verification, acquisition and termination, and the Boomslang complete thermal scope. Offering cutting edge thermal technology with some of the best detection ranges with the elimination of all possible variables or deviations.


The Viper 35 and Boomslang are proven products with precision and repeatability as the focus when using the products on an AR Platform or any Bolt Gun. Built on the .MIL and NATO standard requirements will satisfy your needs for durability, quality, reliability. These standards, coupled with the Lifetime Warranty make it the perfect Thermal for you.


K12 Basic and K12 KID

Our new starter-level K12 pistols are now available for sale. The K12 KID takes the proven K12 frame and trigger mechanism and converts it to a lightweight, competitive pistol for young juniors as they grow through the years. As with the original K10 KID, the K12 KID can be upgraded to a K12 or K12J at any later date.


The K12 Basic takes the K12 Platform and simplifies it a bit for the more novice or recreational shooter. The perfect tool for those who want to shoot a high quality air pistol without needing to have the same competition ready advantages as the full-fledged K12or K12J platform


New for Us, More for You
Free Shipping for all Domestic Gun and Parts Orders Over $100. Ammo excluded, but fixed at a flat $20

-To Help Reduce the Load of the Increasing Prices, we secured preferred rates with our Shippers to pass the savings on to you

Easier Dealer Requirements
-New Drop Ship Option Available to All

No Credit Card Fees
-To Further offset the cost of increasing prices, we will waive any increase in price for using the Credit Card and treat every payment as though you are receiving the Cash/Check/Money Order Discount

-Pardini USA and Nitehog USA are proud to now offer our Limited Lifetime Warranty for all Pardini Airguns and Firearms as well as all Nitehog Thermal Products that have been imported by Pardini USA or Nitehog USA, effective January 1st,2024. Enjoy your product with the peace of mind that we have you covered! More information here:

Limited Lifetime Warranty Now Active


Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty policy is granted exclusively to the private and original owner of the firearm, airgun, or thermal device for the duration of their life. The warranty provided covers the Pardini line of airguns, and firearms as well as the Nitehog line of Thermal Vision Products for any sort of manufacturer defect. Any repair or replacement of a product is at the exclusive discretion of Pardini USA LLC and Nitehog USA LLC.

This warranty is provided exclusively by Pardini USA LLC and/or Nitehog USA LLC and is valid only for products imported to the USA by Pardini USA LLC and/or Nitehog USA LLC. 

The warranty cover products purchased on January 1, 2024 or after this date.

The warranty does not cover lost and/or stolen items.


Requirements for Warranty Coverage

Provide Original Proof of Ownership or Purchase to indicate yourself as the original owner by:

Submitting your warranty card to Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC when purchasing from a dealer

Registering Your Product with us using our registration form within 60 days of receipt of purchase using this link:

Providing a receipt or invoice from the purchase of the above-mentioned product that includes your name, dealer’s name (if applicable), your serial number, the ship date and the price paid.

There is no need to register and/or send the warranty card back, if you purchased the item directly from Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC

For Coverage to be guaranteed, the original serial number of the product must not be altered, removed or deemed unreadable. The original serial number must be present on the product.


Limitations of Warranty

Pardini USA LLC and Nitehog USA LLC only covers problems that originate from Pardini, Nitehog or our distributors. As a result, if any of the following has occurred and is deemed to be the cause of the problem, the warranty will not be instituted.

1.       Normal Wear and Tear related to the usage or age of the product

2.       Improper maintenance, use, or handling of your product

3.       Failure to abide by any instructions present in the user manual which are provided with each product or available online. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure they possess and comply with the user manual.

4.       Modification or adjustment to any internal or mechanical parts

5.       Accidental Damages

6.       Improper Use or Installation of Accessories in conjunction with your product

7.       Use of low quality, or sub-standard parts or accessories in conjunction with your product

Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC will make the final decision as to whether your product has an issue that is considered to be a manufacturer defect or is something related to one or more of the items mentioned above. Pardini USA LLC and Nitehog USA LLC have the sole power to define the words above.


Warranty Claims

The following steps must be followed in order to process your warranty claim

If a problem is encountered with a Pardini airgun or firearm or Nitehog thermal devices that you consider to be caused by a manufacturer defect in the materials or manufacturing of your item:

1.       Send us an email at or for any covered product between the two companies. The two companies are vertically integrated and capable of handling requests for both parties. Email must have Subject Line “Warranty Claim (Product)”. The body of the email must include your name, contact information, serial number of your product, proof of original ownership/warranty coverage and a brief description of the issue.
Submit a Warranty Claim Ticket on our Form:

2.       Our warranty department will contact you within one business day for the continuing the conversation or to provide instructions on the next steps. If you are not contacted within one day, please call us or text us at: 813-970-8071

3.       DO NOT SHIP ANY PRODUCTS until you have received explicit approval to do so from our service team

We guarantee that if your repair is covered by this warranty, we will service your product within five business days of our receipt of the item excluding the shipping time, or your shipping is free.

For our Nitehog products, if the repair requires more than 5 business days, we will offer you a loaner based on availability, so you do not miss any planned trips or competitions.


Shipping Costs

If we are able to confirm your claim is the result of the a defect as described, the original owner must cover and is responsible for the shipping costs of the product


Further Rights

          This Warranty supersedes all other warranties as outlined by previous policies, verbal representations of policies by staff or representatives, or any other implied warranty. If you are reading this document, the warranty listed is the one provided.

          Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC are not liable for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from or in connection to the warranty as described above

          This warranty grants the original owner certain additional rights, where permitted and in accordance with all state and federal guidelines.


If you have any questions, please call/text us at 813-970-8071 or email us at /





Although prices continue to go up for the ever-increasing issues present in the World around us, Pardini USA is proud to now offer free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding ammunition and rifles due to handling costs. In addition, we are no longer offering a different price for credit card transactions. All prices are now unified so you do not have to worry about losing discounts for using credit cards.

As a result of having the best client base, we were able to negotiate our rates down so we can offset any price increases for our customers. We continue to search for ways to the buying experience more pleasant while minimizing total costs. In many cases, we are able to get orders fulfilled at a lower overall cost than last year!

Please stay tuned for our new announcements to take advantage of the new offer!

First Annual Pardini USA Holiday Giveaway

Join us in celebrating this Holiday Season by participating in our first Annual Giveaway!


Our Goal has always been to provide the best products with the best service to the best clients. As we recover as a country from the situations over the past few years, we want to give back to the community that helped the sport survive and thrive!

Our Giveaway will give you the chance of winning some of our most popular products as you continue your journey to be a more consistent, higher-scoring shooter!

This Holiday Season, we will be giving away:
One Winner the Choice of an SPNew, K12 or K12J
-One Winner a Case of Eley Bullseye Pistol X
-Two Winners a Brick of Eley Bullseye Pistol X
-Four Winners a Weapon Shield Gun Maintenance Kit



Giveaway Period
The giveaway period starts on November 10th, 2022 and lasts until 3am EST on January 1st, 2023.
Entry into our giveaway is simple:
-Every $10 spent at Pardini USA earns you an Entry
-Every Shared Pardini USA Facebook Post during the Giveaway Period Earns an Extra Entry
-Post a Video to Social Media or Youtube about your why you love the sport or your Pardini for 10 entries



One Entry for Every $10 Spent

During the giveaway period, we will be tracking all sales to customers. For each $10 spent, ONE entry will be added to the giveaway. This applies to all sales online, over the phone, via email or in person. With each sale, you will receive an invoice and an email confirming your entries. Any purchase, from service, to parts, to ammo or pistols, every $10 spent gets you an entry. (Example: Your order total is $96.75. This nets you 9 entries to the giveaway). Entries add on, so the more items you purchase, the better your chances of winning! 

One Entry Per Share

During the giveaway period, we will be sharing posts on our Official Facebook page. Each time you share the post with your friends, you will earn an additional entry. Each Pardini USA post can earn you a maximum of ONE entry.  These entries will be added to your entries for total dollars

Ten Entries Per Video Share

During the giveaway period, post a video to your social media or YouTube on why you love the sport or your Pardini. Once you have made the post, email us a link to confirm your entries.

Announcing Winners

Winners will be announced the first week of the new year. The Official Drawing will be held on January 2nd, 2023. The Drawing will be available for viewing on Zoom to anyone who wishes to attend. Email us to receive an invite.

Drawing will be conducted at random by the newest Member of the Pardini USA Family, Atlas. As he is an infant, the drawing may last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

Entry Restrictions

-Prizes will be awarded only to Individuals
-Winners must be over 21 years of age and meet all state and local requirements for obtaining their prizes.
-Winners will be given 90 days to respond and claim their prize. If a winner fails to do so, a second drawing will be held for the corresponding prize.

Extra Information

-Entry totals are available upon request for anyone interested in knowing their total
-The winner of the pistol will have their choice among an SPNew, a K12 and a K12J.
-The SPNew will come as a complete set including the pistol, a grip of the winners choice, 2 magazines total, tool kit, and carrying case
-The K12 and K12J will come with the pistol, the winners choice of sleeve color, 2 cylinders in the colors of choice, a tool kit, and carrying case.
-All ammo winners in restricted states must follow the proper protocol for getting ammo shipped to them.




2022 Season of Savings

Pardini USA LLC will be running its annual Holiday Special starting this Friday, November 11th, 2022.

Stay tuned for a full breakdown of what we will be offering and all of the areas you have to save and win!

We are also planning something new and special for our customers. Further, during the period, we will offer limited quantities of select parts at the greatest discounts ever! Inventory for these flash sales will be very limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to join in on the savings!

During the Holiday Savings Period, you can plan to save on select parts, ammo, guns and service. Keep an eye out on our Specials tab to stay up to date on 


FR22 Available to Order

The Pardini FR22 is Now Available to Order

Pardini USA has just received the first FR22 in the United States. This rifle is here for our testing and for demonstrations! The first venue which will feature the FR22 is The X Count for their 2021 Intercollegiate Club Rifle Championships from April 10-11th! For more information please contact Diane at Or email here directly at:

The Pardini FR22 .22lr Smallbore Rifle has officially been released and is now available to order! As this is the year of the Olympics as well as the year of the rifle’s introduction, we will be running a promotional price for the entire year! Price list and Configurations follow the Technical Sheet!

Contact us to order!


Technical sheet

System: bolt action rifle

Action: single shot

Caliber: .22 Lr

Wight: 6.000 g

Stock: 680 mm,

Barrel length: 620 mm

Barrel rifling: 8D x 406.4 mm

Barrel diameter: 24 mm

Trigger mechanism: adjustable, 70-250 g

Safety: cocked striker indicator

Material: ergal stock, steel barrel

Finishing: anodized black stock, blued barrel

Grip sizes: RH: S-M-L



Pardini FR22 Free Rifle

Pardini FR22


An innovative proposal for 50 meter rifle events

With the FR22 model, Pardini Armi completes its collection for all ISSF shooting events.

The design of this .22LR caliber rifle for 50 meter events is based on modern and innovative ideas.

The prototype of the FR22 was built in 2016. Four more years of development allowed the project to be refined with the assistance of a group of shooters who fired tens of thousands of shots with the new rifle. “The FR22 has three main features: an excellent barrel, a great trigger mechanism, and a customizable modular stock that represents a real progression compared to what we have seen so far. At Pardini Armi we have always been committed to giving something new to the sport of target shooting and we do it with original and innovative ideas”, says Giampiero Pardini.

The barrel (only 620 mm) is made internally by the company and capable of excellent groupings; the trigger mechanism is characterized by a very wide range of adjustments; the modular stock allows the shooter to better customize the rifle and save precious time in the difficult transition between one shooting position and the next in the 50m rifle 3 positions event. The stock is completely replaceable at the rear and, by simply unscrewing a knob, it allows the removal of the butt plate, cheek piece and grip. The usual attachment system of the sights facilitates the replacement of the rear and front sights. A top shooter like Petra Zublasing is able to replace all the components to switch between different positions in about 30 seconds, compared to the three and a half minutes needed with the rifle she has used so far. This savings in time is extremely useful in the final event, where time is very limited and any savings turn into an advantage for the shooter. By using three different rear stocks specifically dedicated to each different position, the athlete can rely on specific materials and settings for the proper shooting condition. Avoiding any compromise and thus allowing the ability to focus on performance.

Although the stock is innovative, it retains the family feeling with that of the GPR1 air rifle, sharing part of the accessories and a common philosophy in the arrangement of the adjustment controls. As for the barrel, the particular construction method has made it possible to reduce its length by bringing the center of gravity closer to the shooter’s shoulder. The particular barrel mounting also reduces the perception of recoil.

 Like all Pardini Armi models, the FR22 focuses on simplification, on the best materials available and on production techniques that use the latest generation of CNCs. The possibilities for customizing the weapon are almost infinite so as to adapt to the requests of every enthusiast, athlete, man or woman. The FR22 is supplied in two versions with black or champagne colored ergal stock, with blued barrel and components in natural stainless steel. The firearm is available in a set-up that provides for the supply of all three stocks.


Technical sheet

System: bolt action rifle

Action: single shot

Caliber: .22 Lr

Wight: 6.000 g

Stock: 680 mm,

Barrel length: 620 mm

Barrel rifling: 8D x 406.4 mm

Barrel diameter: 24 mm

Trigger mechanism: adjustable, 70-250 g

Safety: cocked striker indicator

Material: ergal stock, steel barrel

Finishing: anodized black stock, blued barrel

Grip sizes: RH: S-M-L / LH: M

Eley Bullseye Pistol X and Tenex Rapid Fire Pistol

The improvement in performance is the primary goal in competitive sports.  That is why Pardini USA LLC and Eley Group Ltd. have combined their knowledge, experience, research, and resources to strive for perfection.

  The goal: To create better performing .22LR ammo specifically designed to be used in semi-automatic pistols that exceeds the needs of the athletes and meets the rules requirements for the Olympic events Rapid Fire Pistol, Women 25 m pistol and the popular US event – Bullseye. What were our objectives? 1. Smaller group size – 18-20 mm (5/8 to 7/8 inch) at 25 meters  (27 yards)  and  28-35mm (1 1/8 to 1 1/2 inch) at 50 yards (46 meters) using the Pardini SP models 2. Meeting the requirements for minimal velocity regardless of temperature, altitudes, brand and model of the firearm (ISSF has a requirement for minimum velocity of 250 m/sec  – 820 ft/sec –  at 3 m from the muzzle) 3. Quick, consistent and more manageable recoil (the more consistent the recoil, the easier it is to recover) 4. Consistency of the projectile velocity 5. Consistency of the physical dimensions 6. A geometry that will ensure proper functioning for semi-automatic weapons 7. An affordable and competitive price After 18 months of development, two new pistol cartridges were developed – Eley Bullseye X and Eley Tenex Rapid Fire. We are happy to announce that the Eley Bullseye X is already available to the USA market exclusively from Pardini USA LLC. The Eley Bullseye X ammunition is produced with special attention to detail and consistency. It can be used with great success in any semi-automatic pistol competition where precision is a must. Eley Bullseye performs really well in all configurations of the Pardini SP pistols – Standard Rim Fire, Rapid Fire, Bullseye 5 and 6 inch barrel pistols. To meet the needs of the competitors in the Olympic Rapid Fire Pistol event where the time to recover from recoil, move to the next target, aim and shoot is only 0.5-0.6 seconds the consistency of the ammunition performance is crucial.  Our goal was to create precision ammunition that will have very consistent recoil even with the short pistol barrel and the inconsistencies of blowback action.   What is new

  1. New, proprietary, specially designed, very fast powder mix – E20v1BE.
  2. New geometry of the projectile.
  3. New coating that provides better sealing, proper lubrication, and is less affected by the weather conditions and time.
  4. Tighter tolerances of the physical dimensions

How we tested and what the results are We did two types of tests. First:  we tested just barrel in a fixture with a fixed bolt that practically eliminates the variations that are the result of a blow-back action. Test distance was 25 and 50 yards, we measured:

  1. Horizontal linear movement of the fixture for consistency.
  2. Muzzle velocity (V max, V min, Average V, Velocity Spread, Standard Deviation).
  3. Velocity at 3 m from the mussel.
  4. Group Size

Second: We tested the assembled pistol in different configurations from Ransom Rest. We measured:

  1. Muzzle velocity (V max, V min, Average V, Velocity Spread, Standard Deviation).
  2. Velocity at 3 m from the mussel.
  3. Group Size

The results are shown in the tables below. We will leave the conclusions to you. Finally, we were able to negotiate and deliver a great price for the value – $729.00 per case of 5000 rounds. The only thing that is left is for you to try it and let us know the results. Eley Bullseye Pistol X is exclusively available true Pardini USA LLC and our dealers. To purchase Eley Bullseye Pistol X – click here or use the web address: Join the Champions! Good luck!


The GPR1 Air Rifle is designed in collaboration with Niccolo Campriani, one of the best rifle shooters today. Niccolo won Gold and Silver medals in London 2012 in 50m and Air Rifle respectively.

Model:         GPR1
Caliber:       4.5 mm (.177)
Weight:        4.00 Kg
Stock:         Ergal
Stock length:  670/720 mm
Barrel length: 435 mm
Barrel sleeve length: 650 mm
Barrel sleeve diameter: 200 mm
Loading lever: invertible
Trigger:       adjustable 1st – 2nd stage 5/70 - 60/100
Safety:        dry firing
Air supply:    250 bar removable air-cylinder
               Pardini pressure gauge on the cylinder
Autonomy:      400 shots
stock:         silver
Barrel:        burnished
Air cylinder:  anodized

Target Pistols

In the world of Free Pistol, Mr Pardini, with his PGP 75 (1975) with its bolt action, had developed something new. In the 1980’s the PGP 75 evolved into the K50; in 1990 the innovative K22 model came into production, a model which once again has a sliding bolt, that no longer rotates. On the back of this, in 2008 we developed two new models: FPM with a mechanical trigger and the FPE, the first Pardini free pistol with an electronic trigger
The range of Pardini semi-automatic target shooting pistols was completely renewed in 1991 with the arrival of the SP caliber 22lr, the GP 22 short and the HP caliber 32 S&W long wad cutter models. These models boast a series of characteristics that place them among the limited number of the best competitive firearms. Pardini’s innovative design details in order to make these guns “shootable” are numerous. First of all, the pistol’s bolt face and center of balance are closely connected: this helps to minimize the disturbance of its position while firing. Moreover, in 2001 a new lightweight counterbalance was introduced incorporating an inertial device that reduces felt recoil: consisting of four mobile steel weights, each held by a small spring in four cylindrical recesses, parallel to the barrel axis. The validity of this idea inspired Pardini in 2004 to design a new counterbalance with six mobile weights ( SP New and HP New Models);while at the same time a new frame in aluminium alloy was introduced , that was achieved by machine milling to remove material. The GP caliber 22 short model was developed in collaboration with the renowned champion German marksman Ralf Schumann. The GP Schumann established itself at the top of the Olympic Rapid fire Pistol event. In 2001 the GPE was produced, its most important feature being its electronic trigger. The Athens Olympics in 2004 was the last in which competitors shot with the 22 short caliber in the Rapid fire Pistol event. The Pardini GPE has proudly closed this era, winning the gold medal with its “customary” Schumann.

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