Limited Lifetime Warranty Now Active


Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty policy is granted exclusively to the private and original owner of the firearm, airgun, or thermal device for the duration of their life. The warranty provided covers the Pardini line of airguns, and firearms as well as the Nitehog line of Thermal Vision Products for any sort of manufacturer defect. Any repair or replacement of a product is at the exclusive discretion of Pardini USA LLC and Nitehog USA LLC.

This warranty is provided exclusively by Pardini USA LLC and/or Nitehog USA LLC and is valid only for products imported to the USA by Pardini USA LLC and/or Nitehog USA LLC. 

The warranty cover products purchased on January 1, 2024 or after this date.

The warranty does not cover lost and/or stolen items.


Requirements for Warranty Coverage

Provide Original Proof of Ownership or Purchase to indicate yourself as the original owner by:

Submitting your warranty card to Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC when purchasing from a dealer

Registering Your Product with us using our registration form within 60 days of receipt of purchase using this link:

Providing a receipt or invoice from the purchase of the above-mentioned product that includes your name, dealer’s name (if applicable), your serial number, the ship date and the price paid.

There is no need to register and/or send the warranty card back, if you purchased the item directly from Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC

For Coverage to be guaranteed, the original serial number of the product must not be altered, removed or deemed unreadable. The original serial number must be present on the product.


Limitations of Warranty

Pardini USA LLC and Nitehog USA LLC only covers problems that originate from Pardini, Nitehog or our distributors. As a result, if any of the following has occurred and is deemed to be the cause of the problem, the warranty will not be instituted.

1.       Normal Wear and Tear related to the usage or age of the product

2.       Improper maintenance, use, or handling of your product

3.       Failure to abide by any instructions present in the user manual which are provided with each product or available online. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure they possess and comply with the user manual.

4.       Modification or adjustment to any internal or mechanical parts

5.       Accidental Damages

6.       Improper Use or Installation of Accessories in conjunction with your product

7.       Use of low quality, or sub-standard parts or accessories in conjunction with your product

Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC will make the final decision as to whether your product has an issue that is considered to be a manufacturer defect or is something related to one or more of the items mentioned above. Pardini USA LLC and Nitehog USA LLC have the sole power to define the words above.


Warranty Claims

The following steps must be followed in order to process your warranty claim

If a problem is encountered with a Pardini airgun or firearm or Nitehog thermal devices that you consider to be caused by a manufacturer defect in the materials or manufacturing of your item:

1.       Send us an email at or for any covered product between the two companies. The two companies are vertically integrated and capable of handling requests for both parties. Email must have Subject Line “Warranty Claim (Product)”. The body of the email must include your name, contact information, serial number of your product, proof of original ownership/warranty coverage and a brief description of the issue.
Submit a Warranty Claim Ticket on our Form:

2.       Our warranty department will contact you within one business day for the continuing the conversation or to provide instructions on the next steps. If you are not contacted within one day, please call us or text us at: 813-970-8071

3.       DO NOT SHIP ANY PRODUCTS until you have received explicit approval to do so from our service team

We guarantee that if your repair is covered by this warranty, we will service your product within five business days of our receipt of the item excluding the shipping time, or your shipping is free.

For our Nitehog products, if the repair requires more than 5 business days, we will offer you a loaner based on availability, so you do not miss any planned trips or competitions.


Shipping Costs

If we are able to confirm your claim is the result of the a defect as described, the original owner must cover and is responsible for the shipping costs of the product


Further Rights

          This Warranty supersedes all other warranties as outlined by previous policies, verbal representations of policies by staff or representatives, or any other implied warranty. If you are reading this document, the warranty listed is the one provided.

          Pardini USA LLC or Nitehog USA LLC are not liable for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from or in connection to the warranty as described above

          This warranty grants the original owner certain additional rights, where permitted and in accordance with all state and federal guidelines.


If you have any questions, please call/text us at 813-970-8071 or email us at /




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