Pardini Armi develops and specializes in a range of sports firearms used in many international competitions including the ISSF World Championships and Olympic Shooting events. The company was founded in the beginning of the 1980s by Giampiero Pardini, one of the most prominent marksmen in Italian target-shooting. Pardini USA imports and supports the Pardini brand in the United States.

Popular Models

SP / SP Rapid Fire


Pardini FR22 Free Rifle

Pardini FR22   An innovative proposal for 50 meter rifle events With the FR22 model, Pardini Armi completes its collection for all ISSF shooting events. The design of this .22LR caliber rifle for 50 meter events is based on modern and innovative ideas. The prototype of the FR22 was built in 2016. Four more years …

Eley Bullseye Pistol X and Tenex Rapid Fire Pistol

The improvement in performance is the primary goal in competitive sports.  That is why Pardini USA LLC and Eley Group Ltd. have combined their knowledge, experience, research, and resources to strive for perfection.   The goal: To create better performing .22LR ammo specifically designed to be used in semi-automatic pistols that exceeds the needs of the …

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