Pardini Armi develops and specializes in a range of sports firearms used in many international competitions including the ISSF World Championships and Olympic Shooting events. The company was founded in the beginning of the 1980s by Giampiero Pardini, one of the most prominent marksmen in Italian target-shooting. Pardini USA imports and supports the Pardini brand in the United States.

Popular Models

SP / SP Rapid Fire


2022 Season of Savings

Pardini USA LLC will be running its annual Holiday Special starting this Friday, November 11th, 2022. Stay tuned for a full breakdown of what we will be offering and all of the areas you have to save and win! We are also planning something new and special for our customers. Further, during the period, we …

Pardini online store

Visit our online store to explore parts diagrams,  see current prices, order accessories and competition ammo.

Pardini Online Store

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