Models: K12 K12 Junior K10 K10 Junior KID


NEW Air Pistol model designed to grow up with the shooter
The KID air pistol specially designed for young shooters. Single shot air pistol, working pressure of 250 bar, with a locking system through conic bolt/shot chamber. Cal 4,5mm, developed for the sole use of compressed air with the air pressure regulator inside the pistol frame. Reliable side vision manometer for checking the cylinder pressure. Excellent quality and light weight. Ideal for the tomorrow’s champions. Sold with one air cylinder and fix rear sight blade. The adjustable, ambidextrous grip is the first of this kind. KID is very versatile and a great choice for individual athletes and shooting clubs. The inter-changeability of parts with the K10 model allows the KID pistol to grow up with the shooter. KID – Your first Pardini!

Caliber:        4.5 mm (.177)
Height:.        150 mm
Width:          49 mm
Overall length: 350 mm
Total weight:   700 g
Barrel length:  200 mm
Barrel rifling: 12D x 450 mm
Sight radius:   310 mm
Adjustment:     1.8 mm


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