Single shot, for the 50 meter Free Pistol Olympic discipline
A new generation of electronic trigger mechanism, born from the long years experience with the semiautomatic models. It has the benefit to be also adjusted in a two-stage trigger. The micro metric rear sight and the sight radius are adjustable. A new generation compensator, designed for maximum performance. Pardini System bolt action; the cartridge is loaded coaxial with the barrel ensuring that the bullet is chambered and aligned perfectly. Anatomical walnut grip, available in different adjustable sizes with the option of customisation in our competition department.
Produced with a new grip angle in comparison to the barrel axis; in combination with this characteristic and the compensator, this pistol offers excellent stability during shooting.

Caliber:          .22LR
Height:           150 mm
Width:            80 mm
Overall Length:   480 mm
Total Weight:     1130 g
Action:           Single Shot
Barrel Length:    280 mm
Barrel Rifling:   6D X 450 mm
Sight Radius:     from 350 To 420
Adjustment Click: 8 mm