Technical Documents


Pardini Catalog 2018
Pardini Catalog 2016
Pardini Catalog 2014
Pardini Air Rifle GPR1 2013
Pardini Catalog 2009
Pardini Catalog 2008


Manual 2010
Manual 2009
Manual 2004 – 2008
Manual 1997 – 2004
Manual CO2 and AIR Cylinders
Manual IPSC
Manual K50, K58, K60, K90, ZGR, SP, HP
Manual PGP 75
Manual SPE, GPO, MP

Diagrams and Parts

K12 diagram

K10 diagram
K10 parts

SP-SP1-SPE diagram
SP-SP1-SPE parts

HP – HPE diagram
HP – HPE parts

FPM – FPE diagram
FPM – FPE parts

PC – GT diagram
PC – GT parts

K2 – K2S diagram
K2 – K2S parts

K58-K60-K90 diagram
K58-K60-K90 parts

K22 diagram
K22 parts

P10 diagram
P10 partsSPE diagram
SPE partsMP diagram
MP partsK50 diagram
K50 parts

PGP75 diagram
PGP75 parts

GPE diagram
GPE parts

GP – GPS diagram
GP – GPS parts

GPO diagram
GPO parts